Top 100

Upcoming Ex-dividend dates for Top 100

Ex-dividend dates are important to dividend growth investors because one must own a stock its ex-dividend date in order to be eligible to receive its next dividend. 

Ticker Company Name Ex-Div Date Pay Date Dividend Payout Stock Price Dividend Yield
BAX Baxter International 2-Mar 1-Apr 0.115 39.51 1.16%
D Dominion Resources 2-Mar 20-Mar 0.7 69.92 4.00%
KMB Kimberly-Clark 2-Mar 4-Apr 0.92 130.3 2.82%
PEP PepsiCo 2-Mar 31-Mar 0.7025 97.82 2.87%
SU Suncor Energy 2-Mar 25-Mar 0.2143 24.48 3.64%
BLK BlackRock, Inc. 3-Mar 23-Mar 2.29 311.96 2.94%
ETN Eaton Corp 3-Mar 18-Mar 0.57 56.71 4.02%
VTR Ventas, Inc.  3-Mar 31-Mar 0.73 55.67 5.25%

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