Ex-Dividend Dates

Key Dividend Increases from Last Week

Firm Symbol Market Cap Yield % Increase Ex Dividend Sector Dividend
Blue Hills Bancorp BHBK 0.503 3.25 200 19-Sep Financial 0.15
Brady Cl A BRC 1.85 2.47 1.2 6-Oct Technology 0.2075
Royal Caribbean Cruises RCL 26.17 1.63 25 21-Sep Consumer Discretionary 0.6
Verizon Communications VZ 188.88 5 2.2 6-Oct Technology 0.59

1 thought on “Key Dividend Increases from Last Week”

  1. Not that great of an increase by VZ, thought it would be better. Do not own any of the stocks on this list though, but I always enjoy reading about what other companies are doing.

    Thanks for putting this together.


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