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This blog is devoted to providing investors information on dividend investing and the top dividend paying companies in the world.  The blog also provides free daily information on dividend increases for over 400 companies along with educational and feature articles.

Additional premium news items on rankings and changes to our Top 100 Dividend stock list are available by subscribing to our email list.  You may join our list below. There is no cost or obligation.

Over the years, stocks of companies that initiate and consistently grow their dividends have outperformed the broader market, and have significantly outperformed stocks that cut or don’t pay dividends. This is known as the dividend growth effect. Once a company enters a cycle of increasing dividends, it is highly motivated to maintain the trend. It is constantly under pressure to increase profits and cash flow every year, because if it doesn’t, it will be forced to decrease or suspend its dividend, which usually leads to a sharp sell-off in the stock. This blog and the book focus upon this important topic.


Also available is the author’s book, “The Snowball Effect” by author Timothy J. McIntosh. You may purchase this book at

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