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This blog is devoted to providing investors information on dividend investing and the top dividend paying companies in the world.  The blog also provides free daily information on dividend increases for over 400 companies along with educational and feature articles. We also provide our list of the Top 100 dividend firms globally.  They are listed in alphabetical order on the website.  However, you may receive free updates to our actual rankings by joining our exclusive email list.

Additionally, we provide a model portfolio of our favorite 30 companies from our Top 100 stock list.  It is not necessarily the top 30 firms in our Top 100 list, but is diversified by sector and also includes a large percent of ADR stocks.  The Top 100 list is a more quantitative list, whereas the 30 company model list is which stocks within the Top 100 have the most promising prospects for the next twelve months.

ADR stocks account for at least one-third of the portfolio depending on our view of foreign markets. ADRs can provide enhanced diversification and higher dividend yields.  In many cases, they are not on the radar screen for many U.S. dividend investors and also harder to analyze for some U.S. investors.

The 30 company model portfolio is available for $4.95 per month.  Any adjustments to the model are sent out immediately along with monthly performance and commentary on favored stocks.



Also available is the book, “The Snowball Effect” by author Timothy J. McIntosh. You may purchase this book at  It is also free to any model portfolio subscriber;

Please email our team to receive monthly Top 100 ranking updates along with any questions on the blog, book, or 30 stock model portfolio.


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