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5 Reasons Mutual Funds Might Not Be Right For You

Mutual funds are an investment strategy that pools your money together with other investors to purchase a collection of stocks, bonds, or other securities that might be difficult to recreate on your own. While mutual funds are right for some investors, they don't work for everyone. Here's five reasons why.

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Top Socially Responsible Dividend Stocks

For some investors, investing in socially responsible companies is very important. While some “sin” stocks, like tobacco stocks, can offer attractive yields, there are plenty of socially responsible dividend opportunities.  The list of companies that care about the greater good is definitely a lengthy one, with companies like Whole Foods Market (NYSE: WFM) and Starbucks… Continue reading Top Socially Responsible Dividend Stocks

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What are Special Dividends?

Special dividends are one-time dividend payouts made by companies. While these payouts are often made by dividend paying stocks, there have been many instances where non-dividend paying companies paid a special dividend. These one-time dividends range in amounts, some with very low amounts and some with very high amounts relative to the stock's regular dividend. When… Continue reading What are Special Dividends?

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Forbes Review Of “The Snowball Effect”

Review Of "The Snowball Effect: Using Dividends And Interest Reinvestment To Help You Retire On Time" - Forbes Online http://www.forbes.com/sites/charlessizemore/2017/01/14/review-of-the-snowball-effect-using-dividends-and-interest-reinvestment-to-help-you-retire-on-time/#42f0d5916f46